29 February 2012

How to: Move Photos from Flickr etc into Picasa

I used to love Flickr but the interface has been stale for some considerable years now and despite the fact its apparently getting a make over I’m tired of it. I logged in today and saw:

"Your pro account has expired". Great.. so all my photos have been binned or what? I can only get at them if I re-pay. Thanks for letting me know about that, some warning next time perhaps?! They probably did email me but seriously who subscribes or reads mail outs?

There are lots of my photos on there which I need to move somewhere. Personally I’m using Picasa web albums as my online photo sharing solution at the moment. Here are my notes on moving files across to Picasa. Even if you don’t want to use Picasa this might be useful as a stepping stone to moving them somewhere else.
Note these process do involve downloading your photos and uploading them so will use a lot of your internet bandwidth. Be warned if you have data limits you might go over them. I'll add other migration tools as I find a need for them!
  • Flickr: I used Migratr: download, install, run, authenticate with Flickr then follow the wizard like process.
  • Facebook: Automatically: I used a Google Chrome plugin called Move Your Photos Login, select the photos you want to move and click Upload.
    Alternatively you can go to https://www.facebook.com/settings and go to the link at the bottom:  “Download a copy of your Facebook data.” This will prepare a zip file with your data which will contain your photos.

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