This is a blog all about fixes for common problems with software technology, particularly Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS systems.

I've been working with computers for most of my life. I have always kept simple text files detailing how to do tasks or fix problems that I couldn't see an immediate answer to when I first came across them. Over time I have found them very useful and decided if they were useful to me then they might be for others too. So that's when I started this blog.

I hope that my notes here help others overcome frustrating or difficult tasks that we all experience day to day when working with technology. These notes are not a definitive, or the only answer.  Whilst I make every care to check the information before publishing it and correct errors when they come to light, I'm afraid I can't accept any responsibility for any damage you might do to yourself, others or the systems you are working with when following them. Any opinions expressed are entirely my own and not related to any employer past, present or future.

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