02 October 2010

Free Anti-Virus Software for PCs: Microsoft Security Essentials

Free software from Microsoft? Yes it’s true. Users can now maintain the latest virus protection using this freebie from the giant. What’s really good about it is that unlike many of the off-the-shelf solutions it doesn’t use many of your PC’s resources (memory, disk access etc). It runs all the time in the background (as any virus protection should) and just quietly gets on with it’s job. It also updates itself automatically as part of Windows Updates so no need to stress about maintenance. I used to use AVG which I found to be very good but it is a bit more resource hungry than MSE. Although it isn’t documented it will also run on Windows Server too.
So what are you waiting for? Uninstall that Norton, AVG, or McAfee resource hog that’s slowing down your machine and download MSE from the website.

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