18 January 2012

DD-WRT: Don’t Use the Router Database!

I love DD-WRT and have posted about it before but today I’ve (re) learned the lesson that you do need to do background reading when fiddling with firmware. When choosing my build I found it very complicated, not least because there are several different kinds of DD-WRT they are referred to in different ways (e.g. version v24, ‘name’ EKO, type ‘mini’) and so resorted to simply going to the router database to chose my version. However now I know not to!

Last night the internet started to go flop for me: some devices worked ok, others were slow, whilst others had no connection. I resolved it to a DHCP issue: those with a static IP were fine but the router wasn’t handing out any more IPs. I found that the build of DD-WRT I was using (v24-sp2 build revision 13064) has issues including some with DHCP so I've now re-flashed it with a later version and all is well.

”Beta 13064 dated Oct 2009 - poor wireless performance”
“You should not put SP1 or 13064 (Build date 10/10/09) on your router”
DON'T USE THE ROUTER DATABASE! The router database has recommended some less stable builds, including SP1 and 13064



  1. thanks for your this post, it really helps someone like me who is not a very computer literate person.

  2. just look directly in the brainslayer-archive

    1. Thanks for the link. Where did you get it? My blog was a warning about not using the database which would appear to me (and I suspext many others) as the most intuitive place to start looking for a version. I think its a shame the dd-wrt site isn't better maintained as without it the project will remain with hobbyists and enthusiasts.