19 January 2012

Windows Update Error: Code 80072EE2

This oh-so descriptive error basically means the computer can’t find (DNS) or get to (LAN/internet connection) the Windows Update Server, be it Microsoft or in an office environment possibly a local WSUS server.


Error reads:
Windows could not search for new updates.
An error occured while checking for new updates for your computer.
Errors found:
Code 80072EE2 Windows Update encountered an unknown error.

I had this error after updating my router and initially couldn’t figure out why it was related… until I remembered I’d set up a local Windows Update (WSUS) server and set the related Group Policy to update from a wsus.[my domain] alias. This is set in:
Computer Configuration; Policies; Administrative Templates; Windows Components; Windows Updates; Specify intranet Microsoft update service location.
I hadn’t reconfigured this alias so all my computers were failing to resolve the address (DNS) and therefore couldn’t update.

The fix for me was to re-instate the alias but hopefully this might help others to find out what their particular problem is.


  1. Hi Phil

    I have had the same problem with new router and now this error comes up and when I am on gmail and other sites for uploading it doesn't upload.

    I looked above at your process to work it out but couldnt figue it out how to re-instate the alia as my knolwedge is not as good on the terms.


  2. just format the system and reinstall windows.....
    it can run well....

    1. whilst this would probably fix the immediate error it would involve a great deal of work backing up files and re installing applications... and there will undoubtably come a point that the error would resurface so I don't view this as a viable solution sorry.

  3. Try System Update Readiness Tool. It worked for me.
    You can find it here:

  4. I just bashed away at this for say 8 hours on and off. I was suspicious about that error and the network link all along and even after watching it with Wireshark I knew that the issue had to be DNS and network related. Some of the solutions provided on the forums were really out there. Even MS did not want to admit what was going on. My fix was to rename the Softwaredistribution directory but after reviewing the files and reading your adventure, it all falls into place. I had recently update my routers and this explains a great deal!! Thanks mate.