11 August 2012

Samsung Kies: Even the Developers Don't want to Take Credit!

I've written before about how terrible Samsung Kies is. It makes a mockery out of the Samsung hardware which I find to be very good.

Recently I noticed a new program called "fuspredownloader.app" appear in my Mac startup items which I didn't recognise. Being constantly on high alert for anything new which I wasn't aware of I investigated it's origin. Right click and 'Show in Finder' reveled it was part of the Kies software.

Looking into what it was actually for revleaed the following in Contents\Resources\en.lproj\Credits.rtf

Some people

Human Interface Design:
Some other people

Hopefully not nobody


With special thanks to:

So finally it's revealed why the who package is so terrible! Perhaps the team weren't aware this is added by the XCode Project Template by default...

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