13 April 2013

Windows: Narrator Blue Box appearing around active item

Today I discovered a most annoying feature of Windows by accident: the Narrator's highlight active area option. There I was just trying to use the computer and this stupid blue box kept appearing around where the cursor was.

It turns out this is a feature of the Narrator which I had turned on by mistake. The answer is to go into Narrator's options (it's a program): Start Menu\Programs\Accessibility\Narrator
Then uncheck "Enable visual highlighting Narrator cursor":

On Windows 8 the Narrator is a touch-screen app and the short-cut key is Windows logo key + Enter.


  1. Omg your a miracle worker thank you so much this work perfect, cuz I was about to freak out

  2. Is there a short-cut key? "ctrl-n" or something that makes this appear? This is surely the most annoying feature!

  3. do ctrl+win key+enter and it should go away :)

  4. This really helped me, thank you! I went to programs, typed in narrator, and turned it off.

  5. Thank you so much for this simple solution! I've no idea how I turned this feature on, but I'm so glad I got to turn it off. Drove me crazy for a good hour or so!