30 April 2014

Ubuntu 14 on Parallels on OSX

After installing Parallels Tools on Ubuntu 14 I had an issue where the launch bar disappeared.

This post had the answer (thanks BrettBranch) which I'm replicating here for my own record:

  1. Login to the console: on my machine (MacBook Pro) it was
    Ctrl Alt F1
  2. Check the X11 directory for an xorg.conf, change directory (cd) then list the contents (ls):
    cd /etc/X11
  3. Rename the xorg.conf.[datestring] file to be without the datestring
    mv xorg.conf.[datestring] xorg.conf
  4. Remove the config and compiz directories and sub directories (-r) without messages (f):
    rm -rf ~/.config
    rm -rf ~/.compiz
  5. Reboot, forcing compiz to recreate the config:
    sudo reboot
NB: to exit the console: sudo pkill X

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