01 February 2017

JIRA Startup Fix: The following plugins are required


On Windows:

JIRA Startup Failed

The following plugins are required by JIRA, but have not been started:

Atlassian Navigation Links Plugin (com.atlassian.plugins.atlassian-nav-links-plugin)
Gadget Directory Plugin (com.atlassian.gadgets.directory)
Atlassian JIRA - Plugins - Gadgets Plugin (com.atlassian.jira.gadgets)
Atlassian JIRA - Plugins - Global Issue Navigator (com.atlassian.jira.jira-issue-nav-plugin)
Atlassian JIRA - Plugins - Quick Edit Plugin (com.atlassian.jira.jira-quick-edit-plugin)

Atlassian JIRA - Plugins - REST Plugin (com.atlassian.jira.rest)


  1. Get the Service name and run directory from the JIRA Service properties
  2. Change to JIRA bin directory:
    cd "C:\Program Files\Atlassian\JIRA\bin\"
  3. Load the properties tab:
    C:\Program Files\Atlassian\JIRA\bin>tomcat8w //ES//JIRASoftware010217094719
  4. In Atlassian JIRA Properties, Java tab, add the following Java Option on a new line:

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