23 February 2022

Azure DevOps on Ubuntu

 Aim: Run a local server as a build agent.

1. Add a user

Advised to run the agent under a specific user: sudo adduser azuredevops

Add user to sudoers: sudo adduser azuredevops sudo

2. Switch to new user

su azuredevops

3. Install the agent

Go to Azure DevOps, Organization settings, Agent Pools, Select Pool (Default), Add agent

  • Make a dir: mkdir azureagent && cd azureagent
  • Download: wget [Download URL]
  • Unpack: tar zxvf vsts-agent-linux-x64-2.200.0.tar.gz
  • Run: . config.sh
  • Enter Server URL: https://dev.azure.com/{your-organization}
  • Enter PAT: See Authenticate with PAT

4. Run the service

Run the installer
sudo ./svc.sh install azuredevops
sudo ./svc.sh start

5. Install dependencies

NB: You might need to install some dependencies depending on your build steps e.g. zip

6. Optional: Clear up Docker images

The agent downloads a load of Docker images which take up loads of space, so run a build on the server from Azure DevOps and then clean up the docker images: docker rmi -f $(docker images -aq)

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