25 February 2011

How to Reset a T-Mobile G1

A kind friend gave me his old G1 so I can play around with building Android apps, but I needed to reset it and get it working on my network to gain the full end-user experience.

  1. Hard reset the device:
    1. Turn it off
    2. Press and hold the “Home” and “End Call” buttons until it turns on
    3. An exclamation icon will come up. You can reset from this:
      • Soft Reset: Press and hold the Home and Back keys simultaneously.
      • Hard Reset: Slide open the keyboard and type Alt plus W
  2. Then you’ll need to unlock the phone to work with your carrier. You can get the unlock code from the original carrier or use a service like www.fastgsm.com. You’ll need the IMEI number which is printed on a label under the battery.

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