02 March 2011

How to Reset a T-Mobile G1

A kind friend gave me his old G1 so I can play around with building Android apps, but I needed to reset it and get it working on my network to gain the full end-user experience.

  1. Hard reset the device:
    1. Turn it off
    2. Press and hold the “Home” and “End Call” buttons until it turns on
    3. An exclamation icon will come up. You can reset from this:
      • Soft Reset: Press and hold the Home and Back keys simultaneously.
      • Hard Reset: Slide open the keyboard and type Alt plus W
  2. Then you’ll need to unlock the phone to work with your carrier. You can get the unlock code from the original carrier or use a service like www.fastgsm.com. You’ll need the IMEI number which is printed on a label under the battery.

Once it’s unlocked you’ll need to put the APN settings. These are the internet/data settings. Once you get to the Android and ‘Click here to begin’, then press Menu and APN settings. Either select one from the list or press Menu again to add a new one and enter the settings for your carrier.

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