17 January 2012

How to: Setup a Windows DNS Server

  1. Install the DNS Server Role
    1. On a Windows Server machine in Server Manager select Roles; Add Role
    2. Select DNS Server and Next and go through the install process.
  2. Configure The DNS Server
    1. In Server Manager; DNS Server, right click on your server’s name and select Properties
    2. On the Interfaces tab select ‘Only the following IP addresses and select the LAN IP e.g.
    3. On the Forwarders tab click Edit and type the IP address of your router: this will forward all unknown DNS requests to the router (and thus on to your ISP DNS).
    4. Ensure you have Dynamic updates enabled. These allow the clients to register/update their records:
      1. Expand the Roles;DNS Server;DNS; [Server name]; Forward Lookup Zones
      2. Right click on your domain e.g. ad.mylocaldomain.com and select Properties
      3. Ensure Dynamic Updates is set to Secure only.

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