13 January 2012

Orange’s Customer Services: Why do you hate us so?

NB: This post is not about the operatives who actually work on the end of the line: when I do manage to get through I find the actual telephone operatives themselves very helpful. This is about Orange/T-Mobile management failure.

So I needed to change something on my Orange bill. No problem I thought… being a techy and loathing those automated menu systems I’ll log into orange.co.uk. Instead of being able to administer my account  I get a whole page of Java errors. WTF? last time I looked Orange was part of T-Mobile, a huge multi-national. As a web developer myself I know there is literally no excuse for this kind of blunder today, we have roll-out plans, solution control and automated processes that will avoid a bug going live.

Anyway then I give up and call Orange customer services where I get through to “Orange Premier Support”. The first time I navigate through the menu system I get “We cannot connect you to a technician right now, Goodbye”. I phone back, and carefully select a different path through ther automated minefield. Eventually I get “Due to a technical issue yesterday it may take longer than usual to answer your call… you may find it more convenient to call back later”

I say “No Orange, I will not find it more convenient to call back later. If it had been more convenient for me to call back later I wouldn’t have just called you would I? I don’t start running a bath at 6am because it will be more convenient for me to have one that evening. By then the bath would be cold and unpleasant… which is coincidentally how I feel about your customer services.”

If that’s Premier Support I’d hate to experience ‘normal’ support. Does an automated voice perhaps insult you over the line, or mock your lowly support status?

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