31 July 2012

Olympic Website Tickets Site Errors

Not only have the London 2012 organisers mucked up the assignment of tickets but their site doesn't even work properly. It really annoys me when huge companies or organisations make basic errors on their website. None more so at the moment than the Olympic ticket website which appears not to be able to tell the time. Today (the 31st July 2012) the site returned this message:

"Tickets to this event are not on sale yet. Tickets will go on sale at 7.00am 15 June 2012."

This along with another message about site maintenance... but the system should know that date has passed and not to show that message. Its just confusing for users.

It also shows tickets available that when you go into the details page (pictured) are not available. This is not a timing thing (e.g. tickets were available on summary screen then become unavailable as the details loads) and is extremely poor design. It must be causing undue strain on the servers as they struggle to serve pages thanks to all the refreshing that must be going on.

These are the kind of basic errors which should be eliminated in the first round of testing, not left in a live system which many thousands of people are using. The 2012 organisers should be ashamed of themselves for commissioning and signing off such a poorly designed site.

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