08 September 2012

Windows 8 Start Screen Keyboard Shortcut

If like me you are trying to use a Windows 8/2012 machine but have no Windows Key (e.g. remoting from a Mac or via an Android/iPhone device) and are tired of trying to get to the 'Charms' bar or start screen don't forget the old Ctrl Esc shortcut to the Start screen! Yes I know Androids don't have a Ctrl but most VNC/RDC apps do have it.

Lets not forget the shortcut Windows Key D to get back to the desktop. I don't know of another alternative for that.

...and if only I can find a non windows key shortcut for the charms bar...

Why don't they just allow us to create old fashioned shortcuts to these things on the dashboard? Personally even when I'm just using it with a mouse I'm tired of hovering hopefully near the corners in the (often vain) hope of a menu appearing. All too often I end up exposing the desktop (click bottom right) or setting the time!

1 comment:

  1. Have the same problem. I think they just don't care about us that use all systems. Shortcuts need to be installed and then easy-to-find (I don't need them to be like a video game w/ the tricks where you have to research them!).