20 January 2013

XBox 360 with Windows 8 Media Center

I've written before about XBox 360 connections on Active Directory Domains, but now I've upgraded to Windows 8 I've returning to a similar problem. I know it's the DC because if I take the server off the domain it connects fine.

When I try to connect my XBox 360 to Media Center I get these entries in event viewer:
Failed to validate the Media Center Extender's certificate.

Your Media Center Extender was set up successfully, but failed to connect (timed out after 180000ms).

I've checked this good blog entry:

I've edited the "allow logon through terminal services" policy for group policy.  I've also added "Remote Desktop Users" group to "Allow Logon through Terminal Services" group policy under:
Computer Configuration\Windows Settings\Security Settings\Local Policies\User Rights Assignment.

So far, no answer on this one. Any suggestions gratefully received.

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  1. I have exactly 100% the same issue. I've previously used that blog entry you mentioned to successfully connect my Xbox 360's to my Media Center PC when it was running Windows 7, but obviously something has changed.

    I did find this post from someone who seems to be in the same boat but has got things working:

    The only difference for him seemed to be that he did an upgrade, whereas mine was a clean install.

    I've posted on there, so you may want to see if I get an answer.