12 May 2013

Save disk space by converting files using iTunes

It's worth keeping an eye on your music and video files as these are usually what eats up disk space. If you have WAV files you can convert them using iTunes (or other programs like Audacity) into a more compressed format.

Find your files looking for the extension e.g. .wav using Mac search, Windows search, iTunes or some other means.

Using iTunes:

  1. Check your encoding settings:
    1. Go to Tools, Options (or iTunes, Preferences on a Mac)
    2. Under General Tab, click on 'Import Settings'
    3. Choose desired encoding (I use AAC for compatibility across devices)
    4. Click OK to save settings
  2. Create a new Smart playlist and select 'Kind' contains "wav" (without the quotes)
  3. Select all the files
  4. Right click and select "Create AAC version"
  5. Once completed verify the songs have been converted and optionally delete the original. One way to do this is look at duplicates:
    1.  Select Music on the left hand side
    2. Select View Menu, View Duplicate Items 

iTunes: How to convert a song to a different file format

or using Audacity

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