15 August 2015

XenServer: Ubuntu 64bit on XenServer 6.5

XenServer 6.5 doesn't have an Ubuntu 56 template so you have to create one.
  1. Make a new Ubuntu template:
    TEMPLATE_UUID=`xe template-list name-label="Ubuntu Lucid Lynx 10.04 (64-bit)" params=uuid --minimal`
    NEW_TEMPLATE_UUID=`xe vm-clone uuid=$TEMPLATE_UUID new-name-label="Ubuntu Trusty 14.04 (64-bit)-Fixed"`
    xe template-param-set other-config:default_template=true other-config:debian-release=trusty uuid=$NEW_TEMPLATE_UUID
  2. Create new VM using the template and select URL:
  3. Add boot parameters:
    -- quiet console=hvc0 ks=http://\[domain name\]/ubuntu/trusty-server.ks
    e.g. I use MAMP and then SourceTree to pull from my modified version of Frederick's on Coultard Ltd GitHub
    NB: you will need to mirror the GitHub repo as the bootloader can't get the file over https
  4. Set the number of CPUs and Ram then run the installer
  5. Remove the file from the boot parameters
Thanks to Virantha Ekanayake and Frederick for this information.

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