29 August 2016

Mac: Move iTunes Library

Moving the iTunes Media folder is easy enough, but if you want to move the library files as well you have to work a little harder

  1. Close iTunes
  2. Copy the "iTunes" folder to a new location
    NB "iTunes Media" is a sub folder.
  3. Delete the original (it'll still be in trash)
  4. Create a new iTunes folder in the same location. iTunes requires it to be:
  5. Create links from the new location back to the old location:
    1. cd Users/<user>/Music/iTunes
    2. Using Terminal create links here to the new location:
      sudo ln "/<some location>/iTunes/iTunes Library Extras.itdb"
      sudo ln "/<some location>/iTunes/iTunes Library Genius.itdb"
      sudo ln "/<some location>/iTunes/iTunes Library.itl"
      sudo ln "/<some location>/iTunes/iTunes Music Library.xml"
  6. Open iTunes and in Preferences, Advanced, Music folder select the new location.
    When it asks if you want to keep it organised say yes.
    It will then go through the new location which may take some time.
  7. Check one or two files by searching for them, then in the results select the eillpsis and 'Get Info'. If iTunes can't find the file it'll prompt you to locate it (say no), but if it just opens the propterties box then go to the File tab and ensure it's in the new location.


  • Exclamation Points:If after moving there are exclamation points against files then:
    1. Quit iTunes
    2. Reload whilst pressing the Option (Alt) key
    3. When prompted, select your new location. This should refresh the library
  1. Duplicates: You might find you have (1).mp3, (2).mp3 etc
    1. Use find to locate the duplicates e.g.
      find . -type f -name '*(1)*'
      You might want to output this to a file e.g. append '> somefile.txt'
    2. Once you're satisfied the list is accurate, append '-delete' to the command to remove them.

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