16 August 2016

XenServer: Increase the Memory of VM

  1. Shutdown the VM either by logging in and shutting down or force using xe (not recommended):
    xe vm-list (to get the UUID of the machine)
    xe vm-shutdown uuid=<VM UUID> force=true
  2. Find the VM name:
    xe vm-list
  3. Check the existing memory:
    xe vm-list name-label=<VM name> params=all |grep memory
  4. Use xe vm-memory-limits-set to set the memory:
    xe vm-memory-limits-set dynamic-max=<dynamic max> dynamic-min=<dynamic min> static-max=<static max> static-min=<static min> name-label=<VM name>
    NB: If you're setting statics then all are the same except static min which is 536870912 on my machine
  5. Restart the VM:
    xe vm-start vm=<VM name>
  6. Once it's restarted, ensure it has the correct memory e.g. on Ubuntu this is:

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