05 September 2017


Favourite Icons aka Favicons

Using Gimp

Create the Original High Res PNG

You can use whatever size you like but remember it's going to be reduced to a poultry 16px.
  • Create or download from ClipArt e.g. Clipart Library
  • Ensure you have transparency (alpha channel, represented by grey check squares)

Save as Gif

  • Resize the image to the highest size you need e.g. 64, 48, 32, 16 px square.
  • Export as Gif e.g. favicon-64.gif, favicon-48.gif etc

Layer the Files

NB: If the colours are messed up in the new layers, change the image mode to RGB (Image, Mode, RGB)
  • Open the highest res gif e.g. favicon-64.gif
  • "Open as Layers" the other files (48, 32, 16)

Export as Favicon

  • Export As and choose Microsoft Icon
  • Optionally compress them further at this stage

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