09 January 2012

Auto post Google+ to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc.

[UPDATE #3] See later post for more up to date: Autopost Blogger to Twitter

[UPDATE #2] There are now many better alternatives to that which I suggested here. A web search should provide you with a number of options. e.g. http://www.friendsplus.me

[UPDATE#1] This post is now out of date. I suggest you follow Mike Elgan's detailed directionsget an RSS URL, 'clean' it via Feedburner and then (rather than use his suggested various services) use twitterfeed.com to auto publish it]

I don’t have time to re-post to multiple platforms so I use one as the ‘master’ and auto-repost from there to other feeds. The logic being that some people are only on Twitter and not Facebook or LinkedIn and not Google+.
For me Google+ is the ‘master’ so I re-post from there using http://www.twitterfeed.com which despite the name does post to networks other than Twitter.
As of writing G+ doesn’t provide RSS feeds yet so first you need to make one, then add it to Twitterfeed and then configure it to be re-posted.
  1. Log into http://plus.google.com and go to your posts to get your G+ user ID: plus.google.com/u/0/[user ID here]/posts
  2. Add your Google+ user ID to the end of this URL: http://googleplusrss.nodester.com/ which will result in an RSS feed.
    [Update: That service is now offline. Use this one instead: http://www.google-plus-rss.com  Thanks to Justin]
  3. Add the RSS URL created above to http://www.twitterfeed.com and configure it to post to Twitter or Facebook etc.
Thanks to Jeff Turner for the G+ RSS.


  1. Great post. It looks like Nodester.com is down (503) so I used google-plus-rss dot com* and it seems to work.

    * I am not affiliated with that service, I just want to let people know that if nodester.com is down that is the alternative service I found.

  2. Hi,
    there is a much easier solution to repost from Google+ to Twitter and Facebook that does not require messing with RSS. It's called Friends+Me http://www.friendsplus.me

    Hope it helps.

  3. Thanks for the insight. I´m building a location services platform and I was wondering on how someone can leave a comment using twitter, google or facebook. This really helps. Thank you.