13 September 2014

Export VMWare to OVF Format

If you're running a VM in VMWare you may want to run it under VirtualBox.

On Mac VMWare has a tool inside the Application package called OVFTool

  1. Open Terminal and cd to Applications/VMWare Fusion.app/Contents/Library/VMWare OVF Tool
  2. Run ./ovftool [source] [destination]
    where source: the .vmx file inside the .vmware package
    destination:  the .ovf file that you will import to VirtualBox
    VMWare OVF Tool [Mac username]$ ./ovftool "/Users/[Mac username]/VHDs/[VM machine name].vmwarevm/[VM machine name].vmx" "/Users/[Mac username]/VHDs/[VM machine name].ovf"
Be patient. It takes a long time!

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