01 February 2011

Working from Home: To hour or not to hour

A musing on working lunch inspired by my good friend’s post on the same: http://tinykitchentales.blogspot.com/2011/02/working-lunch.html

Apologies to you office workers but being someone who works from home I try to have a good hour for lunch.

Its part of a pretty strict daily regime I find I need in order to get anything done, otherwise with no-one looking over my shoulder I ‘just’ do this or that and all of a sudden the day is over and I haven’t done any work! So I divide the day up into 2 hour snippets: starting at 9, coffee is at 11, lunch at 1 till 2 then tea at 4 tides me over until 6. I often have leftovers so yesterday was Spanishesque omelette made with  Sunday’s roast potatoes and some of the left over roast pork.

I do find that afterwards I’m mentally refreshed and do a better afternoon’s work than when I skip the full hour, so go on break those desk shackles!

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