09 February 2011

Orange Online Accounts

I’ve been an Orange customer for some years now and for the last few at least they have been sending me an SMS periodically saying something along the lines of:

”Sorry you haven't used your online account recently - you will need to sign up again to get access. See [Orange URL] for more details”

There are two problems I have with this:

1. Why would you deny your customer access to their (still active) account simply because they haven’t signed in ‘recently’.

2. The online account never needs to be re-registered or anything else that to me could be termed “sign up”. The only thing I need to do is what I would term “log in”.

I know I’m not the only customer to receive these messages. Given how many customers they have and how often I receive these messages, that is a lot of junk data being sent out. No wonder our mobile networks are beginning to feel the strain.

I’d love to hear about of any utterly pointless messages anyone else receives from their suppliers.

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