11 January 2012

Excellent Logitech Customer Support

I’ve had a Logitech M505 wireless laser mouse since October 2009 so over 2 years as of writing. I love it. Except for a Logitech trackball I once had it’s the best pointing tool I have had to date.


  • Responsiveness
  • Connection: wireless (not Bluetooth) via USB "Logitech unifying receiver" which is barely bigger than the port.
  • Software: Plug and play on Windows 7, Ubuntu 10+ Logitech software available for those with more specific requirements.
  • Controls: Two buttons and a scroll wheel which also clicks down and goes left and right.
  • Power: Two AA batteries: NB: they go in both pointing the same way which is unusual.
  • Battery consumption: minimal and there is a switch to turn it off.
  • Comes with: A case to protect it when travelling.

Excellent Customer Support

Last week my beloved mouse stopped responding with "one of the USB devices attached to this computer has failed" message in Windows. I had to use a WIRED mouse. It was horrible. I don’t know how I ever managed it. I got myself and my phone tangled up in the wire many times!

To resolve the issue I followed some suggestions on their support pages such as:

  • Replacing batteries with brand new old school ones (I usually use rechargeables).
  • Removing all USB devices and restarting Windows.
  • Trying it in another computer.

When it failed in the other computer I felt I was at an end and called Logitech support. Although I found the phone number wasn’t that obvious (I found it here) I was surprised and delighted to find open on a Saturday morning.

A very helpful Frenchman then listened to my debugging attempts and agreed that the unifying receiver was probably at fault. After requesting the date of my purchase he offered to send a new one free of charge, and because I’d already registered on their website they didn’t even need my details. Now that’s how customer support SHOULD be.

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