26 January 2013

iPhone/iPad How To: Free up storage

I don't use an iPad or iPhone myself (preferring the freedom of the Android platform) but I'm often asked by people that do what to do when their storage is full.

Firstly for those that don't already here are two kinds of storage: "device storage" and iCloud. Generally when you can't install apps or updates it'll be the device storage that is full.

Before your start ensure you have done a backup.
See my other post on how to sort this out (it's easy).

Device Storage
On iOS 5 and above go to: Settings, General, Usage, then tap "Show All Apps". This will show you what applications are using up your storage. you can either go to the app specifically and manage the amount of storage it's using (e.g. for Dropbox, reduce the number off files sync'd)

You can manage your iCloud storage from a Mac or PC using the associated application:
You can also login online to see some of what's in your account.

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