09 February 2014

Eon PowerDown Standby

I have one of these E-oN PowerDown "standby off" power saver units and had it programmed into my remote but then got a new TV and lost the instructions about how to re-program it to power on from the new remote so here they are. You can use any device as a master device e.g. set top box, HiFi, XBox or Playstation, so long as one of the devices has a infra-red controller which you can program the PowerDown to respond to as below.

The "master device" for most users would probably be a TV.

  1. On the PowerDown infra-red sensor, press and hold down the button.
  2. When the (tiny) light appears on the sensor, press and release the master device remote control's power on button once.
  3. Release the sensor button. The light should start to flash.
  4. Press and release your master remote power on button a second time. The light should flash more quickly. 
  5. Press the master remote control power on button a third time and the light should go out.
Your PowerDown should now be programmed to respond to the power on button of your master device.

To power it on:
  1. Point the master remote at the sensor and press the power on button and PowerDown will turn the power on.
  2. Turn on your other devices (e.g. set-top box).
To power off:
  1. Turn off all your devices including the master device
  2. The PowerDown will turn off the power after about 20 seconds.

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  1. Thank you I have the same unit and lost the instructions but with your help now have it working again so thank you for this post Bob in UK 02-04-2018