14 January 2012

Play ISO Images via XBox 360 Media Center

I have a number of DVDs but I never watch them as they just sit on the shelf, so I thought if I could burn them to disk and add them to Media Center I might actually watch them.
NB: I am doing this with DVDs I own, and burning them to disk as a means of backup/playing only.
Part 1: Get Windows playing the movie aka Make the ISO mountable
  1. Install Virtual Clone Drive
  2. Install Mikinho Mount Image to mount the ISO.
  3. Ensure that when you double click an ISO it plays automatically in Media Center: You need the ISO to automount and play successfully in Windows before it will play via XBox.
Part 2: Install MyMovies
  1. Install MyMovies service
  2. Ensure your ISOs are all in their own folders: see here for more information.
  3. Add MyMovies Folder monitoring: Tools, Options; Folder Monitoring: Choose Operating Type ‘Loose’ and add your ISO parent folder to Monitored Folders.
MyMovies will add a new section to Media Center called Movies (in addition to the existing ‘Movies’ one...
On the Media Center Server
  • “Video playback is not currently allowed. This is often due to incorrect drivers for your graphics card, because the card has less than 64mb of memory, or because the card is not DirectX 9 compatible.”
    I’ve yet to solve this issue for myself! But I don’t believe it’s a problem as they play OK in Windows Media.
On the XBox
  • Please insert the disc for [film name]; Click OK; nothing happens.
Kill me, kill me now!

I think my problem could be my server: either graphics card or missing codecs. Anyone had more success with this than me?


  1. So does xbox mount isos you werent really clear

    1. Well they do because I've managed it in the past but that was a while ago with a different media server and different xbox. With my current set up I haven't managed it yet but then I haven't spent too long on it. I'd be interested to know your set up if you manage it.